Fragments on the ‘Emerald Isle’Dublin, Fall 2008

Ireland, it is the country where the deep blue sea is only one breath away; it is the country where your dreams will float up in the hills where the sheep and cows wander, and where the clouds meet... No wonder it is called the "Emerald Isle": lush mountains and grasslands are just miles away from the heart of the country, Dublin; when driving away from the city, before you realize, you will be immersed in a lush, green world where everything is covered with the color of the emerald. Such wilderness always takes my breath away and set free my imagination to dream about all the wonders that could happen in the land of inspirations... Green is the color of the country. It is everywhere, and is calling you to return to the wilderness where humans come from, return to the state of innocence, and return to a life that's full of dreams, free from puzzles... Passing through the wilderness, I wish I could be free as a bird, flying through the mountains and far into the sky where a even more vast world will open up. I feel like myself in such wilderness. The real part of me is so clear and distinct. I don't have to be anyone but me, don't have to look any "better" or "prettier" but how I look like as myself. Your entire soul floats up in the endless world of the emerald color, and is simple and deep at the same time.

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