Another week gone!London, Summer 2011 - Internship Program

[gallery link="file"] Another week gone! Crazy. Last weekend I went on my first overnight trip since being in London. IES took us to Bath, Stonehenge, and Salisbury for the weekend. I never realized how polluted London is, until we left it. We stepped off the bus at Stonehenge and the air was noticeably different! Ha a funny thing you forget about living in a city. I loved seeing all the sites, especially the Salisbury Cathedral and the Abbey at Bath. They were both beautiful. The abbey at Bath had a this crazy fanned ceiling like nothing I had seen at any other cathedral. The Roman Baths themselves were cool, because there is so much history there. The whole town of Bath was quaint and offered beautiful views of the countryside. A great place to visit! I haven’t planned a lot of trips outside of London, because the weekends are so short. With work on Monday and class on Friday, it’s hard to really go somewhere and enjoy it (at least for me). I’ve definitely not at a lose of what to do in London though, I still feel like I have only seen about a ¼ of the city—if that. This past week we celebrated the 4th of July, even though we were not in America. Surprisingly London had a lot going on for it, which is ironic considering what the holiday celebrates. Nonetheless we had an American filled night! IES also took us out to curry this week on Brick Lane. It was delicious! I have wanted to go to Brick Lane, but again hadn’t gotten around to it. It’s definitely funny, because they all try to get you into their restaurant, so they stand on the street offering crazy deals or complimenting you. A new experience, for sure. Yesterday I accomplished one of my “London goals.” I’m also about to disclose how nerdy I really am. I knew that coming to London this summer, I would be in the city when the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 premiere occurred. I wouldn’t say that was a defining factor, but it definitely helped. Because of work and everything I wasn’t able to camp out for one of the 8,000 allocated wristbands, but I did make my way over to Trafalgar Square that afternoon and I could still see all the stars! Definitely worth it, even though it was a lot of standing around for awhile and neck craning around everyone’s heads. I’m already looking forward to this Thursday when the movie comes out. We all bought tickets to see it at midnight. Best of all, I see it 6 hours sooner than I would in America. What a win! Ha This weekend we are planning on going to Hampton Court. The last time I was in London, it was during the “mad cow” disease, so traveling into the countryside was not possible, so I’ve wanted to go since 2001. Now’s finally the time!      
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  1. Come back soon! I miss you so much! I’m glad that you had a lot of fun on your overnight trip. I’m sure seeing Harry Potter in London is a memory you will never forget. Love you!

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