And so it Begins…Cape Town, Fall 2011

Well! I've already been in Cape Town about a month and a half, as ya see I'm starting this a little bit late. Never fear though, I will be posting the worthy photographs from past adventures, but yesterday I had an awesome trip to St James, so, that's what you're going to see today friends. First , I will tell you a little bit about our struggle bus to get there. We are still very much trying to get the hang of the public transportation, it's interesting here. There are so many methods, yet I'm confused by all of them, maybe I just like walking. Anyway, we went to Kalk Bay (Kalkbaai in Afrikaans) via train (awesome, and cheap!) to go beach it up, no luck. Although, we did find some awesome shops, I re-familiarized myself with a bar, Brass Bell, that I went to the last time I was at Kalk Bay, and it was very nice! We  finally made it to St James thanks to the help of a guy that we ran into! Someone in my classes, so nice, and so helpful. I've found that with so many people here. There is such a different appreciation for humanity, but on the other side of the coin, manners are lost. 'Thank you' is a rare one, but many people say 'Pleasure' instead, which is cute, there is definitely  a much more proper form of English spoken here.. Well, yes. We made it to the beach, not necessarily very warm, but nonetheless, amazing. We read, did homework, frolicked in water, sat on rocks. It was definitely one of my best days here, but I suppose the trip is still early... [gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="ID"]
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