Soooooo……Buenos Aires, Fall 2011

I have nothing to write about. I've known this unfortunate fact for the past couple of days, and yet did nothing to prevent. I could be in a worse position. The response to my last blog post made me feel like people were actually reading this thing1, and a few planned trips over the next three weeks (Boca Juniors game, giant electronic music festival) should get me through this blogging saga just fine. But right now, instead of dressing as “The 9-9-9 Lives of Herman Cain” and going to an American bar to celebrate Halloween, I am trying to meet this deadline by writing about, well, nothing. The only I can ask, really, is: why? I have two reasons I can come up with. Firstly, I am lazy, especially in my free time. I can motivate myself when it comes to work, and I can do what's asked of me in most situations, but my favorite thing to do, at all times, is nothing. I tell people this, and they laugh....but it's true. There's always more television to watch, or more books to read, or more things to wiki. I'm perfectly content being by myself for a whole day like this. A more satisfying answer, however, would be that I'm simply comfortable with Buenos Aires. People expect you to be constantly doing activities during your study abroad. You have to “make the most of your study abroad,” they tell me. My host mom gave this exact argument only a weekend ago after I simply spent my day at my friend's apartment, and that may be a strong argument for a while. Eventually, though, at some impossible-to-pinpoint moment, Buenos Aires became home. I had to start going to class. I had to start doing laundry. I even had to start sleeping. It's not only this amazing place that has a lot of people and culture, but also a place that has really bad traffic from 4:30-6 and transcendent empanadas shops dotted across its neighborhoods. I'm living normal life here, so I eventually started to do just normal things. So that's where I'm at right now. I spend my free time not constantly visiting museums, parks, and parts of the cities (though that, of course, happens), but also walking around the city, talking with my friends, experiencing the more subtle parts of Buenos Aires. I wish it made for better writing. For the time being, just enjoy this holiday-inspired song and see what I can conjure up next time. --------------------------------------------------------------- 1Note to self: include more romance.
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