Finally FinalsMelbourne, Spring 2011

Unlike the stressful, jam-packed finals week typical of Whitman College, the University of Melbourne spreads final exams over a full month in June. The first week of June is called SWOT VAC, and it is a reading period for students to prepare for their finals. However, students, myself included, will often use this time for last minute trips.I visited Sydney during SWOT VAC. Beginning on the 6th, finals officially commence. I had an essay due the first day, which I finished before I left for my trip to Sydney. I had another essay due a week later, giving me plenty of time to write it once I had returned to Melbourne. I had two final exams in the last two weeks of finals. The first exam was for my Biological Psychology class––the class I was most concerned about. I spent a good deal of time studying for this exam since I felt the least prepared for this class. The format of the exam was 120 multiple choice questions, and we sat the exam in the huge Melbourne Exhibition Building. I go to a very small, private college. When we have exams, we typically take them in our usual classroom. At Uni Melbourne, you take them with hundreds of other students at a tiny desk in a huge building. The proctors are very strict about the material you are allowed to take in to the building, and they pace up and down the rows of desks as you take your exam. The whole experience was very stressful for me. Finally, I had my written philosophy exam on the 20th, which I reckon I did rather well on. Then I was free to celebrate my last week in Melbourne!   Cliff-notes on Final Exams spread out over a month you don't know what days your exams will be until the month before, so be careful about scheduling trips during this time the exams are each 2 hrs you take the exam with hundreds of people in a HUGE building bring your student ID to exams
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