Best Dys Ever (1,2,3)Amsterdam, Spring 2011

Well, the dark day has come and gone - we have departed from the lovely Amsterdam - but while I gather my thoughts and attempt to put them in any sort of coherent, eloquent format, I wanted to cast back and discuss a triefecta of perfect days that have been appropriately named "Best Day Ever," and subsequently, "Best Day Ever #2 and #3." I find myself among the small population who loathes, rather than loves, holidays of any sort. Too much pressure of enjoyment upon a single day always seems like a recipe for let downs - yes, I'm afraid when it comes to holidays, I'm a touch of a pessimist/drag/part pooper/debby downer etc. But don't pump that Elliott Smith or Bright Eyes just yet - the "Best Day Ever" days may have just changed my outlook on pre-emptive happy-day titles. It all started with countless bakeries passed the infamous Artis Zoo. Every time we ventured to Rembrandtsplein (which was at least a weekly occurrence) we would pass the zoo and while many of my contemporaries had already visited the zoo for class trips or they were just quicker to the punch, two of my best friends (matt and mike) along with myself, had not yet been so lucky to enter the gates of the oldest zoo in Europe! So, the plan was set: We would organize the best day ever surrounding a trip to Artis - but, after deciding it would be, in fact, the best day ever, we also decided to get coffee before hand, and after take a bike ride, eat lunch, and then have a fun night out. The best day ever did not let us down: Artis zoo is FANTASTIC! It was deceptively large and had a wide variety of animals, ranging from red-rumped monkeys to HUGE boas. The boys and I were as giddy as the school kids, running from animal to animal and dubbing voices for each of them. I wish I could elaborate in greater detail, but in the end of the day, it would probably paint the three of us in an embarrisengly juvenile light! From the zoo we stopped by the grocers and picked up some lunch then biked on over to a beautiful canal side location off of Vondel Park and spent a few hours enjoying good food and better conversation -- the only downside was the fact that a few pidgeons were giving me the old evil eye (have I mentioned that I'm not a huge fan of birds?) We then went home, lounged for a while and then hit the town! A classically wonderful day. Parts two and three were not let downs either - they followed the same basic formats - good food and sunshine. We fit in as much coffee, bread, conversation, sunshine and parktimes as humanly possible over our trifecta of "Best Days" and on the second we managed to head to the beach with a bunch of Funen kids for an awesome bonfire that went well into the early morning. And the third "Best Day Ever" we concluded with a saturday night at Melkveg and a group slumber party. Like I said, I'm not one for holidays or themed days, but I will celebrate "Best Day Evers" with Matt and Mike at any opportunity. Great people, great memories and great days.
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