Summer 2011 Contributors

Listed below are the Summer 2011 IES Abroad bloggers. Click on the Contributor’s name to see their biography, head shot and their chronicles throughout their semester abroad.

Emily Blumenthal – Barcelona, Spain

Megan Cekander – Berlin, Germany

Lindsey Citron – Madrid, Spain

Taylor Gaines – Arles, France

Sheema Golbaba – Barcelona, Spain

Katie Hand – London, England

Tori Head – Dublin, Ireland

Gabriel Howard – Melbourne, Australia

Victoria Hui – London, England

Kelsey Knish – Paris, France

Philippe LeBlanc – Paris, France

Shirley Li – Siena, Italy

Brittney Raasch – Arles, France

Lisa Sondergaard – Dublin, Ireland

Jacqueline Williams – Madrid, Spain

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