Summer 2009 Contributors

Listed below are the Summer 2009 IES Abroad bloggers. Click on the Contributor's name to see their biography, head shot and their chronicles throughout their semester abroad. Please note that until the author makes their first post, the author biography page will not be able to display the author information. Dani Barrow - London, England Katie Beam - Arles, France Anna Eggen - Berlin, Germany James William Estes - Santiago, Chile Jacqueline Feldman - Madrid, Spain Samantha Gurnick - Dublin, Ireland Alan Halter - Melbourne, Australia Erin Korris - Quito, Ecuador - Environmental Studies Program Marjorie Laydon - Tokyo, Japan Clinton Lee - Salamanca, Spain Joshua Lee - European Union in Freiburg, Germany Stephanie McCartney - Barcelona, Spain Brianna Pesce - Milan, Italy Aubrey Thye - Paris, France - Advanced Language Program Sarah Beth Wilkison - Arles, France

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