This semester would be so much better without class!Madrid, Spring 2010

There is always so much to do in Madrid! The nightlife here is amazing.  And Madrid is in an awesome location, flights to Portugal, France, etc. are very short; there is only one problem.  Well two problems, money goes fast here! But the main thing that's cramping my style here is class!  Don't people know that there are better things to do Monday-Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00pm than attend a lecture? :)  In all seriousness, class is actually very cool.  Its very different than in the United States.  We don't have a lot of busy work, and our grades depend heavily on our midterm and final grades.  Most classes also have a significant paper or project as well.  I was in class on Thursday and my professor brought up the mid-term. I thought I had much more time to prepare than I actually do!  When did March creep up on us? This semester is going by so fast!
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