Spring 2012 Contributors

We are delighted to announce that 32 students have been selected to blog for us this spring at blogs.iesabroad.org. The quality of written posts, photographs, and videos we received was fantastic. We invite you to check out the Spring 2012 blogs for yourself.

These students, representing IES Abroad programs around the world, will share their thoughts before departure, their lives during the program, and their feelings and experiences once they return home.

We invite you to follow the adventures of these students over the next few months:

Russell Baker – Santiago, Chile

Cora Barazza – Shanghai, China

Sarah Bousfield – Tokyo, Japan

Anne Ciccarelli – Beijing, China

Isabel Custodio – European Union

Jordan Emont – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Heather Englert – Salamanca, Spain

Mitchell Friedman – Madrid, Spain

Elizabeth Gardner – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Harry Greene – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eric Halvorson – Nantes, France

Conor Harrington – Dublin, Ireland

Rachael Hartford – Cape Town, South Africa

Paige Heimark – Granada, Spain

Ari Hiller – London, England

Jasmine Hunter – Vienna, Austria

Evan Johnson – Freiburg, Germany

Lindsey Johnson – Berlin, Germany

Jacqueline Keating – Christchurch, New Zealand

Nora Lalle – Paris, France – BIA Program

Ariana Mygatt – Paris, France – French Studies Program

Aoife O’Connor – Rabat, Morocco

Kiersten Popke – Barcelona, Spain

Anna Rasmussen – Delhi, India

Camille Rice – Milan, Italy

Elena Rivera – Auckland, New Zealand

Damaris Rodriguez – Barcelona, Spain

Natasha Senn – Nagoya, Japan

Colleen Sikorski – Quito, Ecuador

Jennifer Squire – Siena, Italy

Kyra Swick – Beijing, China

Jhana Young – Sydney, Australia

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