Spring 2011 Contributors

Listed below are the Spring 2011 IES Abroad bloggers. Click on the Contributor's name to see their biography, head shot and their chronicles throughout their semester abroad. Caitlin Barrow - Vienna, Austria Laura Blaser - Madrid, Spain Sylvaine Brew - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Megan Dennis - Nantes, France Caitlin Feeney - Shanghai, China Amelia Harrah - Nagoya, Japan Kristina Houser - Siena, Italy Jason Katz - European Union (located in Freiburg, Germany) Matthew Keyser - Freiburg, Germany Njeri Kimani - Auckland, New Zealand Michael Kralovich - Rome, Italy Matt Kweller - Buenos Aires, Argentina McCamey Lynn - Delhi, India Jennifer Maloney - Dublin, Ireland Janae' Martin - Beijing, China Tessa Matson - Melbourne, Australia Michelle Montgomery - Sydney, Australia Parker Mullins - Paris, France - Business and International Affairs Program Julia Nelson - Buenos Aires, Argentina Elena Nichols - Christchurch, New Zealand Laurel Ohm - Quito, Ecuador Rachel Orlowski - Santiago, Chile Elliot Schwartz - Barcelona, Spain Rachel Sekine - Tokyo, Japan Kailey Smaczniak - Salamanca, Spain Holland Taylor - Berlin, Germany Melissa Thomas - London, England Elizabeth Vitello - Cape Town, South Africa Cypress Walker - Granada, Spain Emily Wisser - Paris, France - French Studies Program Katherine Wooten - Milan, Italy

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