Spring 2010 Contributors

Listed below are the Spring 2010 IES Abroad bloggers. Click on the Contributor’s name to see their biography, head shot and their chronicles throughout their semester abroad.

Jordyn Arndt – Rabat, Morocco

Priyank Baid – Barcelona, Spain

Aimee Barigian – London, England

Denise Borsuk – Cape Town, South Africa

Sarah Cartwright – Auckland, New Zealand

Amanda Davis – London, England

Samantha Diliberti – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Molly Dow – Santiago, Chile

William Eells – Tokyo, Japan

Emily Erdman – Nantes, France

Katherine Foley – Dublin, Ireland

Emily Gittleman – Delhi, India

Alice Haefele – Christchurch, New Zealand

Josh Hammerling – Freiburg, Germany

Chae-Ri Han – Beijing, China

Asha Holsopple – Melbourne, Australia

Sara Hvizdak – Rome, Italy

Deanna Jacoby – Barcelona, Spain

Chia Jorento – Siena, Italy

Philinese Kirkwood – Barcelona, Spain

Melinda Krajniak – Nagoya, Japan

Filip Lempa – Shanghai, China

Janet Ma – Berlin, Germany

Michael Moreno – Paris, France

Breanna Nelson – Vienna, Austria

Andrea Plybon – Vienna, Austria

Stacy Reichel – Madrid, Spain

Leah Russell – Granada, Spain

Nicholaus Stange – Salamanca, Spain

Tabby Tice – European Union

Kelly Wicks – Milan, Italy

Kelly Wyman – Quito, Ecuador

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