Spring 2009 Contributors

Listed below are the Spring 2009 IES Abroad bloggers. Click on the Contributor's name to see their biography, head shot and their chronicles throughout their semester abroad. Please note that until the author makes their first post, the author biography page will not be able to display the author information. Nashawn Anderson - Quito, Ecuador Amber Boroughs - Buenos Aires, Argentina McCown Bridges - Siena, Italy Rachel Brown - Paris, France - French Studies Program Sarah Burton - Dublin, Ireland Rose Cahalan - Buenos Aires, Argentina Silvia Cheng - Berlin, Gemany - Metropolitan Studies Program Marie Cushing - Delhi, India Jennifer Easton - Barcelona, Spain Sarah Frankel - Madrid, Spain Naomi Ganon - Tokyo, Japan James Gleaton - Christchurch, New Zealand Sara Gosses - London, England - Theater Studies Program Molly Graepel - Nagoya, Japan Sarah Kashubski - European Union Program (Freiburg, Germany) Lindsey Knebel - Barcelona, Spain Jade Le - Rome, Italy Casie Luong - Milan, Italy Amy Mahanay - Salamanca, Spain James McArthur - Auckland, New Zealand Mary Michalow - Sydney, Australia Hannah Miller - Santiago, Chile Lauren Mouat - Rome, Italy Molly Moynihan - Beijing, China - Language Intensive Program Jacqueline Murphy - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Melissa Reichwage - Cape Town, South Africa Lauren Schneider - Nantes, France Garrett Stack - London, England - Study LONDON Program Jessica Trumbull - Freiburg, Germany Kallie Walker - Freiburg, Germany Dean Whiteside - Vienna, Austria

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