Back in AmericaBerlin - Metropolitan Studies, Spring 2009

After finishing my semester in Berlin, I went on a trip on my own to visit friends who live in Europe and to see some Eastern European countries. And now I’m back in the U.S.. For the first few days back in my college town, I was still living in a Berliner way, meaning I tended to want to recycle my bottles, scrap papers, and other recyclable stuff; and also that I was not very used to seeing much bigger dishes when I dined out with friends I haven’t seen for almost half a year; often saying some random German words without realizing them – well, simple words like thanks, sorry, please – those kind of short responses in German, you know. 

Berlin’s far away from here; but from time to time now I still think about this place and people I’ve met there. Going to Berlin is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made at college — I’ve seen and got to know some pretty awesome people, learnt a great deal about Europe and German culture, and happily, found my goal in studying city planning for a Master degree because of the program in Berlin. I miss Berlin and want to be back. Well, I’m sure I will!

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