A Day in the Life…European Union, Spring 2009

I thought I’d give you all a run down of a typical day of an IES EU Student!

In Freiburg:

8:32: Dash out the door, hoping to make the 8:37 tram.
8:38: Miss the 8:37 tram and wait at the stop for 7 more minutes for the next one.
8:49: Run into “Ihr Backshop,” grab a chocolate croissant and hustle to class,
8:59: Walk into class.
10:35-12:00: Waste time until in the computer lab.
12:00-1:00: Have a delicious lunch at the Markthalle.
1:00: Arrive back in IES center, waste more time in computer lab.
1:30: Enter class.
4:15: After two back to back German classes, stumble into the daylight.
4:30: Wander around Freiburg. Choice activities of spring: grab a beer in a Biergarten, have some gelato, or go grocery shopping.
6:00: Get back to apartment, make dinner, do homework, skype, maybe go out if all the previous tasks accomplished by 10:00, go to bed when appropriate.

As you can easily see, this is very routine, so I’m going to give you a sample timeline of a day when I’m traveling with IES.

9:00: Meet in the lobby of the hotel. Don’t be late – you WILL be responsible for your own transportation.
9:30-12:00: Listen to interesting speakers who also happen to be very influential people.
12:00-1:00: Lunch. Eat local specialties every time.
1:00-3:00: Tour of city, courtesy of IES.
3:00: At this point, you have all the free time you want. Go relax, eat dinner, walk around some more, explore the night life. While the speakers are dynamic and exciting, just being a tourist is sometimes my favorite part.

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