Rescue PihaAuckland, Spring 2010

[gallery link="file"] West of Auckland, there is a black iron-sand beach called Piha, that has a reputation of being one of the most popular surf beaches in New Zealand. But due to its unforgiving rips and currents, it also earned a reputation of being the most dangerous. If you have ever seen the television show: Rescue Piha, it will put the real danger into perspective for you. In the last 20 years more than 30 people have drowned at Piha alone. Even so, it was the beach I learned to surf!
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  1. NO ONE has ever drowned inside the Surf Life Saving flagged swimming areas. Those that drown are idiots that are not locals, so don’t know the area, and go fishing off the rocks etc.

    I would check your figure ’30′. These kind of figures are bandied around without verification . . . For more information on this please see

    So lets look at some some figures 2008:
    96 people drowned in NZ for 2008
    148 people drowned in NZ in 1998 – ten years ago.

    :-) :-) :-)

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