Not quite ready to return…London-Theater Studies, Spring 2009

It took me over a month to get back to Amherst, Ohio, USA "for good". The next day (today) the box which I had sent in the last post arrived. It was oddly appropriate that I would sit down to write this post on the day that the last post foreshadowed.  I, as many students do, traveled for a bit before taking that last flight.  Some students travel by themselves, some with family, and some students travel together.  Many students just want to go home.  I chose the family route and met up with my brother.  If you chose to meet up with your family, please warn them beforehand that if they chose this route you may be tired from exams and unexpectedly sad about leaving your friends, and possibly your new favorite city. Luckily my brother, who also studied abroad during college was very understanding as we traveled through Greece and into Bulgaria with his old college roommate and that roommate's girlfriend.  Of course, when I lost my wallet in Bulgaria, that did not help the stress level.  Luckily I had an extra credit card in my suitcase and my brother helped me access cash so I would not be without in my upcoming solo journeys.  However, I did lose my ISIC card and my college ID which resulted in the museums costing a higher price.  Make sure to keep those separate and bring them with you as you travel.  Sadly, not every city is like London where the museums are free. Note: Take advantage of the free museums in London. They are amazing; The Natural History Museum is especially so. After Bulgaria my brother flew back home to work the very next morning (crazy) and I journeyed on to Prague, which I enjoyed.  It is fairly inexpensive and very relaxed. It's touristy in parts, but non-touristy in others.  It's a nice balance and will not break your wallet as much as Paris and Dublin.  After a quick run through Prague I jumped a train to Kostelecké Horky, Czech Republic. In this town of 150 inhabitants I joined a volunteer work camp.  After all, why not take advantage of every door that is opened to you?

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