No plane reservations for the first time in months.London-Theater Studies, Spring 2009

After the travels and the volunteer work camp, I returned to London for a couple of days.  I picked up my computer and a suitcase which a friend had nicely held for me as I traveled.  We had lunch together at one of my favorite South Kensington restaurants, The Stockpot.  I spent another couple of hours in The National History Museum and saw one last show with a good friend who is staying in London for a couple more months.  Then I headed home to do laundry and the next day I flew to New York for fall internship interviews.  Now I am home, ready for some rest. However, my return home is greeted with more than rest.  Of course, there is the inevitable find-a-job-frenzy which is particularly difficult this Spring. Many warned me of culture shock, but I am experiencing a bit more of a reality shock.  Henrike, a friend from the work camp, recently pointed out to me that perhaps there is not culture shock, but only reality shock.  We all do adjust once we accept our reality.  Yes, I will see people I know every time I leave the house and yes, there will probably even be people I know in the car next to mine.  And yes, if I want to keep up the walking, I have to make the conscious effort.  And no, I will probably not wander into any beautiful secret areas; even if I walk an hour I will probably still know exactly where I am. After all, I am a runner and I have ran just about every square inch of this town.  However there are wonderful things about returning home. I will be re-surrounded by a family that loves me and wants to hear about my experiences.  And I will not have to convert what I spend at the grocery store to try and keep my accounts balanced.  It is a return to the old world, but that does not mean any of my experiences will be thrown away.  As the woman sitting next to me on the plane affirmed, adventures are not dependent on geographical locations. So, I will keep my adventurous spirit with me.  I will keep looking for new foods to try at the grocery store and festivals in nearby towns. We may not have a Timeout website, but we have a town newspaper. Since this is my last post,  I must say thank you for following my adventures. If you do have any questions about my experience with the program, feel free to contact me.  I love to share stories of it.  Thus far it was my best and fastest semester.  I hope yours is the same. Best of luck!
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