A tropical holiday season – Galápagos Style.Galapagos, Fall 2011

Winter Break is approaching fast (I’m about to start my last week of class, wow!). If I was at Santa Clara I would have already finished my finals! It’s so crazy to think that this incredible semester is almost over. 

Although it doesn’t feel like December here (It’s 80 degrees daily, I have been swimming in the ocean and I’m STILL getting tan) it’s definitely starting to be “that time of year.” Now, when you walk around the island at night the houses are lit up - it’s Christmas Light season in the Galapagos! 

The other night a few of us took a self-guided tour (that we made up as we went) around the island to look at all the houses with lights. Here are pictures of some of the best. (Note: I was wearing shorts a tank top and sandals while I took these photos - It’s so warm!) [gallery link="file"]
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