Katalans R KewlBarcelona, Fall 2011

Sooo, it's something I feel I finally have a grasp on, not completely, but enough to comment upon. The weird, sometimes elusive concept that one cannot see until you live, eat, and breathe as a member of a community. I'm talking about culture. This odd idea is truly odd when you try and conceptualize what culture is comprised of. Food, tradition, habits, and the overall feeling you get from a country or region. So why not try putting Catalan culture into words, and have those words rhyme.   Catalan culture, enigmatic emotion, A prideful state, continuous commotion. Rebellious, anarchism lurks in the light. Separatism, discussed in plain sight.   Catalans, more prideful than any I've seen, Arrogant too, but never very mean. Camaraderie, "Barce!" chants on the train. Graffiti, saying "Catalonia is not Spain".   Food, nothing to rant or rave in Spain's name, However, tortilla, pan con tomate, are not to blame. Sangria, wine, make up for the fare, Taste and price, let them flow without care.   Kids, live at home up until maybe thirty, Laundry, hung on lines once not dirty. Motos, on the streets wind and weave. Spain, it'll be hard to leave.   -S    
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