I Think I’ve Found Rome-anceBarcelona, Fall 2011

Herro everyone! It's been Fast Times at Barcelona High here, a ton o' fun; however, lots of preparations before the onslaught of papers from all classes and the thoughts of a finals week is thoroughly frightening. This is my first time in college taking multiple classes at once (check out how my school does it with the Block Plan), and it's totally different. Even though IES does it very well, I'm looking forward to taking one class at a time again. Oh well. Anywho, I've had some lovely times here in Barce, Checking out a couple FCB games so look for a post on that. Otherwise, my first big trip out of Spain was just the other weekend. You know what they say, "All roads lead to Rome"....   Straight to the Rooome Another great reason to Study in Spain? Italy's super close an hours time in a plane. I hit up this past weekend the lovely Rome, Saw all the sites, the Pantheon, it's huge dome,   Walked around Colosseum and the Forum, St. Peter's Basilica, it's elaborate decorum. Churches, markets, sidling streets, Living proof of thousand years feats.   The food, the food! Revelations galore! My taste buds awakened from a deep snore, To play among the finest fields of pastas and cheese, Thinking back upon it makes me tremble in my knees.   The perfect trifecta of a mini-vacation, Food, sights, and mental relaxation. When in Rome, eat a lot. Act as though it's the last ya got.   -Sincerely Samuel
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