¿Qué tal, Barcelona?Barcelona, Fall 2011

Holaa via Barcelona, Spain. I´ve been here for about a week now, and what a week it´s been. It´s been pretty hectic since day one, but in a good way. Here´s a lil´recap of the past week, with a Barenaked Ladies inspired title, of course:   Iiiit´s been One Week… What a crazy week it´s been, To think back makes my head spin, Arrived last Thursday to host mom, A funny lady, she´s the bomb.   Been to el Museo de Picasso, Try´na see this city high and low. Other museums and a discoteca, For clubbers, this is the Mecca.   Tours through IES are fantastico! Been to Exiample, Gothic Barrio. Today´s the Food Tour, gourmet, I know, hard life, I must say.   So much to do, even more to see, Already stumbled upon some Gaudí, Nothing here is really a pain, Lovin´livin´in Barcelona, Spain.        
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  1. I really love the way you use this blog! It’s a creative and original way to express your time during study abroad. And the poems are actually pretty good. Keep it up!

  2. Dear Birthday Boy,
    I hear you gotta bird that sings.
    Oh Yea,
    same as Marisa wrote,
    just keep it up.
    and lots O love to ya.
    and Donde esta el banco mas cercano?

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