How to eat: BeijingBeijing, Summer 2012

To be honest I never liked Chinese food…until I came to China. While it took me the better part of two weeks, I eventually found a few restaurants and dishes that curb my hunger. Overtime I have discovered many more fantastic things to eat in China, some traditional Chinese dishes, others of the Western variety,  all of them satisfy me as much or more than my favorite foods back home.

For those thinking of coming to China there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the food preparation techniques and standards are different from the US. While I have managed to avoid laduzi (travelers diarrhea), I have met a number of people that are put off by food carts and certain restaurants because of their apparent lack of sterility. Secondly, much of the food is cooked with a ton of oil. I will let you be the judge of whether that is problem or not. Lastly, try as many different types of dishes as possible. Keep in mind that not only is China’s chinese food different then what you’re likely to find in America, there are drastic differences in Chinese cuisine depending on region.

These are a few things, in no particular order, that I have been eating regularly:

Mango smoothy from the Golden Phoenix (I KNOW it isn't Chinese, but it's so tasty)

This was taken at TASTE, another restaurant very near the west gate of campus. Dishes shown are spicy green beans, smashed cucumber salad, and boiled potato shavings.

One word: CHUANR. There are an endless number of meats, vegetables, and breads that can be put on a skewer. All have soothed even the most savagely hungry people.

Traditional fresh family food in a village near Simatai Great Wall

This restaurant is literally right across from the dorms. The operators are amazingly friendly and all the food is delicious.

"Sam" sandwich and "Frenchie" fries at the Cafe

Variety of foods at an all you can eat and cook yourself spot near school

Breakfast sandwich. It contains tea boiled egg, chopped pork, boiled potatoes, and cucumber. I often eat these between morning classes.

Wheat noodle dish and lamb cheap, so good.

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