2009 Fall IES Roma Internship Wine Tasting at Trimani Wine BarRome, Fall 2009

To celebrate a successful semester as interns, the IES Roma Fall 2009 Internship Seminar Class was treated to a professional wine tasting at Trimani Wine Bar, where it is possible to intern for the semester. As a class, we learned about different types of wines, grapes, flavors, scents, and pairings. We also learned about the different regions of Italy and what types of wines are produced there and how they are produced. We gained a basic understanding of what to expect when wine tasting, from the different senses: sight, scent, and, of course, taste. Not only was this a great experience to take part in for the social aspects and the opportunity to professionally wine taste in Italy, but also for a greater appreciation of wine. This wine tasting was just one way IES Roma, and specifically the Internship Program, allowed us to experience Italian culture in a unique way that most students abroad to do not get the opportunity to do. Kara Dimitruk, Fall Intern 2009, SalaUno Contemporary Art Gallery [gallery link="file"]
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