What I’ve LearnedRome, Spring 2009

Author: Sophia Finfer
Placement: Galleria André (André Gallery)

This semester I interned at Galleria André, a contemporary art gallery on Via Giulia. The location is great – Via Giulia is a 500-year-old street with lots of interesting things. I feel like I notice something new every time I walk down it. While the gallery is not as busy as I thought it would be, it has been a good experience working there. As an art history major, I wanted to work in a gallery setting to see if I want to pursue my major after graduating. Although there wasn’t always a lot to do there, I loved being surrounded by the art. Also, the people who worked there were very friendly, providing me with a good environment to practice my Italian. While at first I was nervous speaking to them, I became much more comfortable as I spent more time there.

What I have liked most about my internship is being involved in the art world and seeing how a gallery functions. I’ve been able to go to their openings and see the process of preparing for shows and selling pieces. The gallery is very small, so it was a nice setting to be a part of. I feel like many galleries elsewhere tend to be colder, more competitive environments. Galleria André always seemed very welcoming. However, in the future, if I do decide to go into the museum or gallery field, I would prefer to work in a busier setting. It was enjoyable to work at this gallery, but in the long run I would rather work someplace that is a little more exciting and challenging. I think the art market could be a very interesting field to get involved in, and I am glad that I got to experience a part of it this semester.

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