auf wiedersehen austriaVienna, Fall 2010 - European Society and Culture

I am leaving Vienna in seven hours. I am currently have mixed emotions. This whole week I have basically been saying how I am definitely read to home. But when I was saying good bye to everyone tonight, it felt very sad, and then I was thinking of all the things that have come to regularly. I think the things I realized I will miss the most is my forty minute commute to school everyday. It's just so weird to think that in twenty-four hours Vienna will no longer be my home. But I have loved every single minute of it. This last week has been great and rough, but I am glad I am done with finals. I will say my two favorite classes this semester have been Austrian Women's Literature with Guenter Haika and Intermediate German II with Frau Schachermeier. As a male, taking Austrian Women's Lit was a bit uneasy, but it turned out to be the most interesting of my classes. And Frau Schachermeier is a such a nice and lovely teacher, and I am glad she was my German teacher because she has seriously helped improved my German significantly. One of my friends from home asked me about Vienna the other day. My response was simply that it was great. I couldn't think of one bad thing about Vienna. The Viennese people are great. I loved the food. One of the safest places in this world. Great museums and palaces. Vienna is just an amazing place, and will always have a place in my heart. For the last time in Vienna, Auf Wiedersehen! [gallery link="file"]
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