adiosSantiago, Fall 2010

I'll be leaving Chile today. My classes are done and the goodbyes have been said. But I want to go home, and that is not to say I haven't enjoyed Chile. December came quick, but there's no snow here, it's not even cold. The southern hemisphere makes one realize how the world isn't flat; there's always a feeling that your upside down here. I can't say I feel as if my trip is complete, I can always think of more I could have done. I was told something that I had never thought of before the other day, that when I return and when anyone brings up Chile, or Argentina, or even Latin America for that matter, I'll talk his ear off about what I know. And I hate to say it to myself because of how many experiences or connections I've made here, but I want to go home, even though I know this country is a home away from home. So it's a weird coalescence of emotions. To the photos: [gallery link="file"]
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