Weekend at Granada!Barcelona, Spring 2010

My friends and I left for Granada Friday evening after class. It’s a city in the southern part of Spain, and is quite small and it’s quite easy to walk around to most places. We got to our hostel, dropped off our bags, and went to explore from the very first night. We had some great set menu dinner at a restaurant and continued on our voyage to explore. One thing that we were curious about was why the restaurants weren’t so filled up. As soon as we entered a few pubs, we got our reason. When you order a drink there, you’re given a free tapa (appetizer/snack). Most of the people usually just go around and fill themselves up with that.

The next day, we got up and visited Alhambra, a palace and fort from the time of the rule of the Moorish, and fortunately for us, the weather was warm and sunny (completely opposite of how it was forecasted to be). Initially we walked through the gardens and parts of the fort and headed over to the palace as our time to enter was approaching. The palace was huge and it was great seeing the fountains, the terrace, the balconies and rooms, and so forth. The entire visit took most of our day. We decided to walk around the city and the narrow streets and lanes downtown. We walked through several ancient streets which are now filled with hookah shops and restaurants. It was definitely a very different “Spain” compared to what I have become accustomed to over the past several weeks. And we spent the rest of the day just walking around and seeing other monuments, fountains and the famous Cathedral in the city. We went out for dinner at a Spanish restaurant at the top of a hill. What convinced us to go there was to watch a Flamenco show. The music and dance were very different yet interesting.

The next morning we left back for Barcelona. An interesting fact I read, on the screen on the bus ride back to my apartment in Barcelona, was that Alhambra is the most visited monument in Spain. Well overall it was a great weekend and it was great to see a different part of Spain and a different part of Spanish history.

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