I Amsterdam!Barcelona, Spring 2010

The weekend at Amsterdam was great! I made a smart move by getting some sleep on the flight to way there. The first interesting thing that happened as soon as I landed was that, when I was communicating with some locals I started speaking in Spanish and was throwing couple of words like gracias. It’s just amazing to see what speaking a different language for a month does to you. We took the metro to Centre Station and walked to our hostel. Technically, I had no idea where I was staying because I finalized my plans the day before and bought my tickets on the actual day I was flying! So it was quite spontaneous to say the least. Anyhow, I was lucky to a get room in the hostel right across where the rest of my friends were staying. We stayed in the heart of Amsterdam, at the Red Light District! The first night we just relaxed and went out for a little bit around the area we were staying (I’ll just leave it at that.) The next day, my friends and I got some breakfast and walked around other parts of the city. Not only was it foggy, it was definitely colder than it was in Barca (now I know why the weather in is awesome back there). We went to a coffee shop and relaxed there for a bit and then moved on and walked towards the World of Heineken. It was an interesting, walking around and learning about the history and process of how Heineken is brewed. We had some late lunch and after such a long time it was awesome to finally have some Mexican food! We walked around a little and headed back towards our hostel and spent the night around the area where we stayed (yet again, I’ll leave it at that). The next day, I first visited the Van Gogh museum. The architectural style of the exhibition building is quite remarkable. The museum contains the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s collection in the world. I was able to track the artist’s developments, the journey of his life, and was also able to compare works by other artists from the 19th century. I then went on to visit the Anne Frank House. Waiting in the queue to get in was definitely worthwhile to go around the famous hideout house. Going through each room I learnt about the house and there were quotes from her diary around the rooms and short video clips on a screen in certain rooms, explaining the history of the house and the rough times. I had a blast during my time in Amsterdam. It was a good trip and I also had a good time visiting all the places that I did. It was different city compared to Barcelona. Everyone I encountered spoke English, and that wasn’t necessarily good or bad, it was just different. If you’re going to get run over in the city, it’s either by a tram, or the herd of bicycles around the city! Another interesting fact I observed was that there were so many more internationals from other parts of Europe in and around the city. But more importantly, there were a lot of falefal restaurants, and that definitely made topped of a great weekend! [gallery link="file"]
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