Life in Paris concluded, for nowParis, Summer 2011

I arrived in Paris not knowing exactly what to expect. I was not particularly worried because I have spent time in France in previous years visiting my family that lives there. However, I had never spent an extended amount of time in the country; only a few weeks here and there. I wanted to experience life in France, I wanted to feel what it was like to really be French. Obviously, due to the limited time I was there I didn't fully experience life in France, but in these six weeks I have learned a great deal. Living in a homestay, I was able to learn about life in Paris, but communicating with other IES students also allowed me to compare  other homestays with mine and to understand how different families can be even if they live in the same city. In addition, I do not know if it was by total luck or if IES somehow has something to do with this, but in my experience the IES students were surprisingly approachable, friendly, and intelligent. I met people I have stayed in contact with since departing and I sincerely believe I will stay in contact with them in the future. Having the program come to an end was the worst part of the seven weeks I spent in Paris, but I am comforted by the fact that at least I left having learned a great deal, having experienced something special, and having made good friends.
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