Snowing in Barcelona?Barcelona, Spring 2010

Yep, it is snowing in Barcelona! Its only snowed about 3 xs in 15 years here. Everyone was going crazy! The metro, school,and bus stations ALL closed down. Taxis were also nowhere to be found. My house is about 1 hr walk from school. It is soooo cold! I walked half mile to finally find a metro that was open and it was packed. I mean absolutely no personal space what so ever. Everyone crammed into the metro and it was so hot and wet! It was seriously just 60degrees Saturday! I don't know what's going on but I really don't like it. I need SUN...which I actually will get in Morocco in 2 weeks :) Anyway, I really couldn't believe how much snow was coming so I texted my Spanish friend, Dave, to get a video of the snow. Here ya go
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  1. wow i cant beleive it we are due to come to barcelona next week what is weather like now, I got sunburnt this time last year amazing. can you update this for me please really appreciate it.

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