Barcelona, I think you may be my new home.Barcelona, Spring 2010

Well, I’ve been a victim of pickpocketting. My phone and camera was stolen last week and I’ve been so lost and sad without a camera to capture my adventures here! I’m planning on getting a new one sometime next week.

Anyway, update on (the positive) being abroad

It doesn’t feel like I’m in school which may be a bad thing… I still keep thinking i’m on vacation. I never want to leave!

I just booked a weekened getaway in febrero for Canary Islands, my spring break trip to Greece and Wales in marzo, and Amsterdam in abril! I’m soooo excited! It’s so ridiculously cheap to fly here that I plan on going everywhere!

School is awesome! I’m taking 4 courses: Spanish (I somehow placed in Advanced Intermediate…Thanks to Prof. Baur’s class at Rhodes), media and politics, urban cities, and European television. Oh and whoever told me school was going to be a breeze was not telling the truth. My classes are more intense than Rhodes!

I’ve met some amazing Spaniards that have welcomed me with open arms!

Tomorrow Tarragona for Wine tasting and Roman ruins!!


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