Zaijian (再见) Does Not Mean Goodbye: let’s meet again, 朋友们.Shanghai, Fall 2010 - China in the 21st Century

I'm trying not to get too nostalgic: no looking through pictures on Facebook (not ready to upload either), focus on unpacking and finishing a list of basic tasks before I return to school in 2 weeks, and especially no skype. Its really something that you can't help though. Last week, everyone kept accidentally saying things like, "oh it's OK, I'll give it to you next weeeek...whoops" Most of us were guiltily looking forward to going home because it meant we would be done with our load of work and going home in all  the festivity of an American Christmas, but I'm not really sure now, nor do I have the heart to ask. As part of our "Reverse Culture Shock/Departure" workshop, we listed out all the things we will miss, but I don't think it will really hit until later because for then, we were still running downstairs for chuan'r, riding the metro down for a nice dinner in the city, and bargaining with anyone and anywhere for a bigger pomelo, the right version of The Office, and a cheaper price for last season's sweater. Last Tuesday, I even took pictures of my internship cubicle and silly, but everyday things that my roommates do.  Still, even after going to my local grocery store and driving out in the suburbs of Fort Collins, Colorado with no Chinese in sight, it still has not hit me. I tell myself that I will go visit the students I have met in Shanghai and that they will be sure to give us calls when they visit the U.S. but I still miss them very much. Nonetheless, Christmas is approaching as is the new year. I hope that all our friends from IES will start off to a great year, so that we can share all our new experiences and the journey ahead together.
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