Wrap-UpParis BIA, Spring 2011

As a part of being a student blogger for IES (my study abroad program), we are asked to write a post when we return to our homes after our time abroad. When I first returned home I thought it would be easy. Life was good, the transition was easy, even the jet lag was nothing. I planned on writing this wrap-up of my semester in Paris then, but decided against it. It was too soon. The honeymoon period had to end sooner or later. But strangely enough, acclimating into being at home never changed. It was like I never left. Nothing surprised me. And I haven't made any slip-ups, save a couple small habits I picked up, like closing the door on every room when I leave (those Parisian drafts are deadly-or so they say). In a way, it is a huge relief. One of the biggest things I worried about when I first started to think about going abroad was how being gone for 5 months could change my situation when I came home. While I haven't had a chance to see if anything has changed back at school, everything here at home is the same. But in a way it is also almost disappointing. I came back on such a high, just to be thrust back into the daily same ol' same ol'. However, while getting comfortable with life back in the the U.S. was a simple task, now that I have been back for a month, I am starting to feel uneasy. I miss life in Paris. Everything that I ever complained about regarding life in Paris seems trivial in comparison to life in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I long for my forty-five minute commute on the metro to school every time I get in my car to drive. I dream of the corner boulangerie, or the neighborhood supermarché every time I get in the car to drive 10-15 minutes just to pick something up for dinner. I miss my glass of wine and the cheese course with dinner. I long to see the people who became some of my closest friends and are now spread out across the country. I miss exploring the alien world that surrounds me and the strange world within me. And while I miss the relaxed, convenient nature of my life in Paris, a life that I could only recreate by going back, I know that going back is not a realistic possibility or the best solution. So I guess I will have to revise my world here in Minnesota. I will have to remodel my life and maybe in doing that, I can bring a little bit of MY Paris here to my corner of the U.S.A. [gallery link="file"]
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