USA: Bigger is Better?Amsterdam, Fall 2010

So I've been back in the States for a little while now, and there really hasn't been any "reverse culture shock". Obviously, it felt a little weird being back at first, and I definitely miss Amsterdam so incredibly much. A lot of the other bloggers have been making lists, and I think that it's a pretty effective way of explaining some of the differences between life here and life abroad. Things I will miss about Europe/Amsterdam: -Raving in Turkish Baths in Budapest (and country hopping in general) -The swans in the Red Light District -Free Wi-Fi at McDonald's -Random carnivals in Dam Square -Buying vintage sweaters at Waterlooplein market -Meeting international people -The fashion (it seems like everyone here dresses the exact same) -My bike :( Things I'm looking forward to back at Rochester -Themed parties -Meal Plan -Tunnel System (it was COLD towards the end) -24 hour library -My Blackberry -English -Being able to walk home after a late night, as much as I do miss my bike -Seeing my friends One last thing: everything here is so BIG! My dad took me to a new supermarket in my town and I literally could not believe the size of everything. It made me miss my smaller neighborhood Albert Heijn. And the Forever 21 at my local mall took so long to navigate through; it was way bigger than the shops I used to frequent on Kalverstraat. [caption id="attachment_21150" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="seriously, look at this lettuce!!"]seriously, look at this!![/caption] Anyways, it has been a great experience blogging this semester, and I hope you've learned a lot from what I have had to say. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to either Facebook me or email me at I really hope you consider studying abroad in Amsterdam!!
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