Home Sweet HomeAmsterdam, Fall 2010

I can't believe that it has been three weeks since I first arrived in Amsterdam. While I definitely still feel like a tourist sometimes, I am really starting to consider this place my home. Funenpark, where all of the IES students live, is perfect because we have the ability to get anywhere in the city extremely quickly, but we still have a home-y and residential feel to our neighborhood. My room is by far the largest double I've ever lived in, and the space is very nice to have. My friends and I are now really starting to get into cooking as well. At Rochester I've had to share a kitchen with the entire floor both freshman and sophomore year, so having my own is very cool. The first couple days here I lived off sandwiches, but now I'm channeling my inner Rachel Ray and can make lots of meals! A couple weeks ago I grilled chicken for the first time in my life, and was so proud! Even though I mostly eat in Funen, we still go out for food all the time. Now that I know my way around the areas much better, I'm starting to find my "go-to" places, just like I have in Rochester and Greenwich. A friend from U of R that is studying in London this semester is visiting right now and my friends and I are showing him around, which has really made me realize how much of the city I've seen and know about. I've gone on two overnight trips to Belgium since I've been here, to both Bruges and Brussels. I love how feasible it is to travel to so many different countries and cities! Bruges was the most beautiful small city, and Brussels has a big city feel to it, but with so many historical landmarks, making it a cool mix between older and modern. There are so many more places that I want to travel to, but it is SO nice afterwards to come back home to Amsterdam, especially because there's still so many more things here that I need to do! I started a list on my Twitter for a bunch of different accounts like @freeamsterdam and @iamsterdam. It's definitely a great way to find inexpensive things to do that I normally would never hear about. I also have a lot of work to do for my classes, but the readings are really interesting and class discussions are really enjoyable. I'm in classes with so many international students and because of this there are a lot of very diverse ideas in all of the participation. Well, I'm off to dinner in the Pijp neighborhood!
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  1. Hi Paige! It’s really interesting to read your blog because I’m in the process of applying for Amsterdam right now. It sounds like you’re having a great time so far… I look forward to hearing more about your experience!

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