Buda and PestAmsterdam, Fall 2010

So before finals suddenly snuck up on us, I went on one last trip to Hungary. I really had no idea what to expect from Budapest. All I knew was that it was the most eastern place I've visited so far. After a long journey through Eindhoven, we finally made it to the hostel. After staying at various hostels in Europe, I was starting to get a little sick of them. The idea is really cool in theory, but sometimes they just are not that fun. This one, however, was exactly what you want in a hostel! As soon as we arrived, they sat us down with maps and tea and told us the best places to go. We went to the House of Terror museum, which definitely helped to give me insight about the city. I was very impressed with the museum, and I'm really glad I went. We walked around a little bit, and then went back to the hostel, where coincidentally, my best friend from high school was staying with her friends from school. The hostel staff took us to the Christmas market, which was so fun! I loved the food I got (not quite sure what it was...) and also loved the hot mulled wine. Then the hostel staff (or rather camp counselors?) took us to the bridge that connects Buda and Pest. It was so pretty at night! We got to see other building like Parliament too. We went back to the hostel and got ready to go out. We went to Grandio, the sister hostel, which was fun. I met so many international people that have done so much traveling! The next day my friend and I ventured out to see more of the city, and ended up at this massive mall. It was actually kind of overwhelming. There were so many stores that were all selling the same exact thing, which amused me. After some napping and Guitar Hero (yes, the hostel had Guitar Hero), I met up for a Hungarian dinner with my friend from Rochester. It was nice being able to ask her questions about the city; because there were certain things I was curious about. Next up was the highlight of my weekend, and possibly of my study abroad experience. After a quick detour at Grandio, we all took the bus to the Rudas baths. Why were we going to the Turkish baths at night? Because the coolest thing ever, Cinetrip, was happening! Cinetrip happens a couple of times a year, and it is basically a party inside the baths. It was so surreal to be swimming in the ancient Turkish baths, while raving. Sadly, we had to leave early the next morning. Now that I'm back in Amsterdam, it is almost all work, work, work. But I'm still trying to have fun in the final days... [caption id="attachment_20330" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Xmas market!"]Xmas market![/caption]
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