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So I've definitely been really busy these past couple of weeks. My classes are starting to pick up, and I'm already planning final papers and presentations. I think I do school work a lot differently here; mainly I don't sit at huge tables with all of my friends procrastinating on youtube, textsfromlastnight, etc. I hope I bring this newfound productiveness back to Rochester, especially because I just made my class schedule for next semester. Since I've been in Amsterdam, I've decided to take on a second minor, so next semester's classes will be pretty packed. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Berlin! We took the train, which is such a great way to travel. Trains here are so fast and efficient, a lot different than back in the States. We did a lot of fun things that weekend, like a looong walking tour (almost five hours!), where I left feeling like I had just taken a history class, except that I actually got to see everything rather than looking at history books. It turns out that the day we were leaving was the 20th anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down, so there was a huge festival! I also got to experience some Berlin nightlife with locals, which included a stroller speaker with disco alls attached. It was quite an interesting and fun night. Then last Friday my parents came! I was so excited to see them. My mom brought me some things from the United States that I was missing, and they took some summer clothes home with them so I now have some extra room in my closet (for the vintage clothes I've been buying from Waterlooplein- one of the markets in Amsterdam). I met my parents at their hotel, and we went on a canal tour. IES went on one during orientation, and it's funny to see how much I've learned about the city since then. I actually knew where I was the whole time we were on the boat! We also went to an Indonesian restaurant with a bunch of my friends, SO good. The next day we went to the Anne Frank house, Van Gogh Museum, Albert Cuyp Market, among other things. We went to dinner at In de Waag, a restaurant inside of an old weigh house! It was very cool- and delicious. On Sunday we went to Paris, again by train. Although this time I took first class, with free wifi, food, drinks, etc. Our hotel was fairly close to the Eiffel Tower, so we walked there and got to see it sparkle at night. Then on Monday we did the Fat Tire Bike Tour. Apparently they have it in many different cities, and I highly recommend it. We got to see basically every important building/park/etc. and learn the history behind it all. I came home on Tuesday afternoon, just in time to finish my homework and head straight to class. I was sad to leave my parents, but I know they're having fun in Paris before they head home tomorrow. [caption id="attachment_17654" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="my dad took this picture on the train, we were moving so fast!!"]my dad took this picture on the train, we were moving so fast!![/caption]
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