I Guess I’m Here..Rabat, Fall 2009

Great! This is my first post in Morocco. I tried to write one earlier, but ended up using my internet time to quickly tell my family that I'm safe, then running off to hang out with the other students on the program. I got into Casablanca on Friday, met up with some of the people from the program, went to Rabat, met the rest, stayed for a night and now we're all in Fes. My mind has been buzzing, and I was barely able to sleep because I love meeting people so much, and in the last 24 hours I met the 14 other students and three administrators that I'll spend a bunch of my time with for the next four months. I think I even have all of their names down. I'm so happy right now, but I'm worried about the sine wave of culture shock. They say you go rapidly up and down, between ecstasy with your new environment to depression with the frustration of cultural and linguistic barriers. And I certainly went up and down when I was in Egypt. So I'm enjoying my ecstasy right now, but cautious about the next few weeks. Before I got here, I spend a little while in Paris because while I'm over here it's cheap to hop over there. So I got to see the other side of the colonial coin. The architecture was a lot like that of Cairo. There were a few city blocks in Paris that you could cut out, cover in the dust of the dessert and a little disrepair, and find the exact replica in Cairo. Right now I'm in my room at my host family's house in Fes. My roommate Jacob is playing games on his computer with Simo, the six-year-old boy whose family we live with. We tried to get Simo to teach us some Arabic, and we got a few body parts, but he ran out of patience quickly and just wanted to beat me up / get tickled.
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