That Time in Freshman Year…Nagoya, Spring 2012

Remember that time in freshman year where you finally felt like you had a solid group of friends who you could call up or text whenever you felt like just hanging out? When that pressure that always seems to be there when you are still trying to test out and build new friendships suddenly disappeared (at least, for the most part)? Well, over this past spring break, it felt like I was back at that point in freshman year and what a good feeling it was. Not only did IES organize a wonderful trip to Hiroshima, Miyajima, and Kurashiki which allowed me to hang out with my fellow study abroad students but the dance group I joined had its monthly “nomikai” which is basically a drinking party so that members can get to know each other better. I also had the chance to go to karaoke with some Japanese friends on two separate occasions, went to one or two parties, and even stayed over one night at one of the dorms, again with both Japanese and foreign students. Luckily, I have a relatively easy-going host family. Of course, they made sure other girls were staying over at the dorm but other than that, they had no problem with it. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that this past spring break was jam-packed, tiring, too short, and absolutely wonderful. And of course, I have pictures to help show you just what I mean.[gallery link="file"]
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