Twas the Month Before Christmas…in GranadaGranada, Fall 2011

Twas the month before Christmas when all through the town

The people of Granada were settling down

To take the siesta, a short one today

In hopes that la Navidad was not far away.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of turrones danced in their heads.

They knew that soon would be time for fiesta

And thus the reason for such a short siesta.


While out on the streets there arose such a clatter

But no one rose from their beds to see what was the matter

Meanwhile outside all the street dogs ran fast

As two angry men argued over a futbol game past.


The sun on the tiles that covered the streets

Gave hope to the Americans with smart wool on their feet

They were told they were studying in the South of Spain

Little did they know winters there were a pain


But back to my story about Christmas and cheer

The ofertas in the stores were proof that Christmas was near.

A large metal tree in plaza Trinidad

Shed warmth on the town and hope was to be had.


The time for siesta soon came to an end

And so the people of Granada met with their friends

To eat merienda with jamon y tostada

A coffee is spilled-well, no pasa nada.


The girls all swish by with their makeup all done

And the boys all yell guapa! All the time having fun

There’s coffee and churros and chocolate galore

And the sweet tooths all yelling, “por favor, I want more”


Sweet dulces arabes in Albaycín

Lights hung up above makes the nightlife gleam

And thus in the air the sweet holiday spirit

It’s Christmas in Granada, if you listen you can hear it.




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