IES QuitoQuito, Spring 2009

I was a little apprehensive when I first came to Ecuador. I was unsure how the people would act and how I would adjust. That's understandable for any study abroad student. You walk into a whole new world completely open and ready for anything.

It is crucial that the program you choose to study abroad with is supportive and always concerned. With the IES Quito staff I have received nothing short of that. Gladys, Rene, Juan Carlos, and Eduardo are the best team ever.

Each and every day that I enter the center I am greeted warmly, and they always are genuinely interested in my life. I went to the hospital for food poisoning (beware the street foods!) and almost everyone from the IES Quito staff showed up to wish me well and check on me. I felt such a bond and family connnection with them. It is really refreshing and reassuring to have that foundation to build upon while abroad.

Gladys is like the mother hen for all of us. She fusses over us and always makes sure that we are in constant contact. Her friendly disposition is contagious, and you will always want to smile while in her presence with the funny stories she tells.

Rene is the comedian that helps us stay on top of our schoolwork. Carlos is an expert when it comes to navigating the city, and he will always offer some great advice on situations. Eduardo is one of the most pleasant people I have met here in Quito, and he always has some of the most interesting topics to talk about. The staff is beyond superb.

We have movie nights every wednesday in Flacso. Random lunches together at the center. We are really tight knit and everyone knows everyone, it's a safe haven.

Overall, I am extremely happy that I chose IES to study abroad with. I love IES Quito!

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