Mt. Fuji during Golden WeekTokyo, Spring 2009

For those of you wondering Golden Week is like a second spring break for the Japanese. No, actually, it is a collection of four national holidays during a seven day period. So to make things easier they take a week off. It's one of the busiest traveling seasons for Japan, but that isn't to say that everything is closed. Just government offices like the post offices.

For the first three days of Golden Week my roommate and I took a trip to Hakone which is one of the best places to see Mt. Fuji real close-up. It was very cloudy on the first two days we were there, however. The weather cleared up on the day we were leaving, just our luck. But we had fun, nonetheless. We went to our first onsen/open-air hot spring. That part was a little awkward for the both of us, but luckily the onsen wasn't too busy; there was only one other lady there. The rest of time was spent traveling around to different spots in Hakone like Gotemba and Gora. I would definitely recommend using the Hakone Free Pass if you plan to see Mt. Fuji anytime soon, it saved us a lot of transportation money in the end.

The rest of Golden Week was spent in Tokyo. My homestay family went overseas for vacation so my roommate and I were separated to stay with two different families. I really enjoyed my stay at my other homestay's house, I will have to go visit them again soon!

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