Food Appreciation PostBarcelona, Spring 2013

If you couldn't tell by my thorough description of the Calçotada in one of my previous posts, I am a die-hard foodie. Since coming to Barcelona, that realization has never been more clear to me. I find myself constantly talking about food and daydreaming about what the night's dinner could possibly be. I have truly eaten like a queen here so far, and nearly all of the credit is to my host mom's phenomenal cooking skills, generosity and care for the students she takes in. It is common for my roommate and I to be served five-course meals. She often tells us the food is "muy típica de Cataluña" or that it is "muy común en España." I'm the type of person that takes tons of pictures of the food I eat, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you about some of the dishes I've gotten to try since being here. There are so many foods not depicted here and still so much more to try. Perhaps I will have to make a Food Appreciation Post Sequel before the end of these four months...but for now, enjoy! [gallery] Also, make sure to check out my fellow blogger Jack's video post about a Middle Eastern restaurant I often visit in El Raval neighborhood. He's the one who introduced me to it, and now I can't resist going at least once a week.
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