swept awayDelhi, Fall 2012

Delhi is a city impossible to capture in pictures. Nevertheless, here are my first week’s attempts to do so. This is a city of colors and car horns, of temples and traffic, of dust and diversity. Garbage versus greenery. Literally.

We’ve had a week full of thrilling activities, including but not limited to dancing in the streets with locals (which I unfortunately only heard about, but which was apparently epic), getting guided through introductory yoga, learning to dance Bollywood-style, exploring Delhi with student peer guides, and eating lots of exotic (and delicious) food. Included here, however, are mostly pictures from our first days in the IES Center, our new apartment-style homestay, and some first impressions of Delhi traffic.

The heat is unbearable, but even people who have lived here all their lives say this is the worst part of the year. Maybe the monsoon will finally come tomorrow.



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  1. Hi, such a treat to see your pictures and read your post. I am an IES alumna and I also live in Delhi now. Give me a call at 991-014-0935. Would love to meet you for a chai and some more “exotic food”.

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