home is like being homeSiena, Fall 2010

After the most unexpected turn of events, I'm happy to say I made it home.  My flight out of Florence was delayed several hours, missed my connecting flight from Zurich to LAX, stayed a night in Zurich (in the 5-star Hilton... wouldn't have minded being delayed another night I must say), and made it onto standby for LAX because the flight coming from Florence that day was delayed like I was the day before and missed their connection... suckers! Regardless, I'm glad to be home and had a fantastic and relaxing Christmas with my extended family in Los Angeles and am currently back home in Portland and about to enjoy New Years tonight in the city. It has been hard being home.  Not only from the jet-lag - leaving me to average about 3 hours of sleep a night - but I miss the thrill of being in somewhere foreign.  Being abroad is one of those experiences where you have the opportunity to dive in head first into something at every turn of the street corner.  Whether it be attempting to converse with the locals, flight across the continent by yourself into yet another foreign country, or simply cooking a new dish influenced by something you ate at the trattoria down the road the night before, there is something new begging you to be overcome.  Living abroad has taught me that I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it but most importantly it has taught me to view the world and things that occur in my life from a variety of perspectives.  Things never go wrong for you while abroad if you realize that from someone else's point of view, it may be a benefit.  It was my favorite part about being around foreign cultures because they had so much to offer me and I to them. Now that I am home, I intend to return to Europe as soon as I can.  I am currently looking into finding internships in London or in Italy for the Summer (if you can help out let me know! It'd be most appreciated!).  I miss the feeling of independency andthe constant unexpected that accompanies the unknown.  I hope that if you have any questions about traveling abroad, studying abroad, or are just curious about different cultures throughout Europe, I'd be happy to offer you any of my insight!  My email address is morrie.conway@gmail.com and I'll try to respond as quick as possible. Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you all the best! Cheers! [gallery]
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