The intensity of the German intensiveVienna, Fall 2009

For the first 3 weeks of the IES Vienna fall semester all students are required to take part in a 5 day a week German Intensive course.  Intense is a perfect adjective to describe the experience, but far from the only adjective.  The German intensive course was a good balance of class time and excursions-which for my class included a delicious trip to Café Central and a guided tour (in German) of the Leopold Museum.  While 3 and a half hour daily class was exhausting at times,  the exhaustion was only my brain straining to understand as much German as possible…so possible adjectives to describe the 3 week German intensive- intense, beneficial, fun, exhausting, informative, and last but not least mind-blowing. [caption id="attachment_4835" align="aligncenter" width="413" caption="Another beautiful day to explore Vienna"]Another beautiful day to explore Vienna[/caption] After the German intensive all students have a 10 day break where we have the option of an IES sponsored 3 city tour (Prague, Krakow, and Budapest), or personal travel/leisure/adventure time.  I chose to visit the land of endless gelato, pasta, and wine. (Hint: I traveled to Florence, Italy to visit my girlfriend Rachel, who is studying in Florence for the semester.)
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