Home AgainMadrid, Fall 2009

Coming home has been busy and overwhelming! I wonder if I would be more dejected if it weren’t for the fact that I am running around trying to finish my Christmas shopping and help get everything ready for our 20 person Christmas dinner tomorrow. I miss Spain so much! I spent a lot of time fantasizing while I was abroad about coming home, eating American food, being surrounded by English, sleeping in my own bed, and being in the same time zone with all the people I want to talk to, but now that I’m here all I can do is fantasize about going back to Madrid. I miss my señora, my friends, Spanish, the life of the city, and café con leche. I wasn’t expecting to miss it so much, but I guess it’s true that you don’t fully realize how important something is to you until you don’t have it anymore. Thus far no one has told me that I have changed, but I think that I have. I feel well grounded, and not stressed about what is coming after graduation in May. I’m no longer worried about the bombardment of questions I will be receiving from my family in a few days about my post graduation plans, not because I have plans, but because I’m no longer worried that I won’t be ok. Having survived a semester in Spain, I’m ready to take on all the new challenges that I’m going to be faced with in the coming months.

This is, sadly, my last post, so I just want to say that it’s been a lot of fun sharing my experiences with everyone. It’s also helped me to reflect on my adventures and experiences. Hasta Luego.

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