Adventures from Last weekMadrid, Fall 2009

Beauty Shop: On Thursday my friend Alyse and I went to get our hair cut. We printed out pictures of the looks we wanted so that we wouldn't have to explain to the hairdressers what we wanted in spanish for fear of ending up with terrible haircuts. We then set out in search of a Peluqueria. We walked past one that was cute and small and had two nice looking ladies in it, but because they didn't have any prices posted we decided to keep looking. We then walked past a much larger more modern looking shop that was too intimidating for us, so we went back to the first place. It was an excellent decision. The two ladies were so nice. They let us sit next to each other so that we could support one another. They also followed our pictures exactly so when we walked out of the shop, we were both very pleased with our transformations. Oh and they stayed open an hour late just to cut our hair!
Toledo: On friday IES took us to Toledo, la cuidad de tres culturas (I know I called Sevilla la cuidad de tres culturas, but the subtitle actually belongs to Toledo which was at various points the capital of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Spain). It is a beautiful city. We walked through the Cathedral (surprise, surprise) one of the major synagogues, a monastery, and another church. Alas no mosques. Afterwards we had free time to shop and eat. The girls I was with wanted to find ice cream, but every place we went to that advertised ice cream was closed. Eventually, after walking all over the city we found some just in time to hop on the bus.
Madrid: On Saturday I went on a self-guided walking tour through historic Madrid with friends. After seeing many of the major sights-such as the Palacio Real-we ended up in the Plaza Mayor. There we were excited to discover that a cultural music and dance festival was taking place, so we ordered coffee and sat down to watch. While the performance was good, we quickly found ourselves distracted by the characters that were wandering through the plaza. Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse were making balloon animals, and the ugliest Spiderman I have ever seen was attempting to chat with one of the living statues who, obviously, was ignoring him. Also they all kept lifting up their head pieces to cool off, clearly they are not as hardcore as they are at Disney world.
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