Back in the USASydney, Spring 2011

I have officially been home in the USA for a week now. Coming home was a lot harder than I ever imagined it could be. I had such a wonderful experience abroad and this little thing called reverse culture shock got in the way. I got used to the Sydney lifestyle, my daily routines, my new friends, and the cultural differences. Although the Australian and American cultures are rather similar, there are some noticeable differences. I was excited to see my family and friends at home, but I was sad to end what were the best 5 months of my life.

I did more than I ever imagined I would have done this past semester. I travelled to different areas of Australia and throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand. I had an internship with a major magazine, took classes with local students, had time to experience real life in Australia, tried new activities and foods, and made new friends from across the world. I am completely satisfied with everything I have done and I have no regrets. I had such a wonderful experience, I can’t wait until I can get back to Sydney!

Here are some photos from my last day in Sydney:


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